Friday, 17 February 2017

Ships of the Nationalist and Republican Navies during the Spanish Civil War: Delado-Class Seaplane/Airship Tender

Originally built as a merchant ship (ex-Neuenfels) at Swan Hunter in 1901. She was interned in a Spanish port during the First World War and taken over by the Spanish Government in 1918. She was converted to a Seaplane/Airship Tender in 1922 and was in Republican hands during the Spanish Civil War.

Ship’s characteristics:
  • Displacement: 10,800 tons normal
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 420’ (128m)
    • Beam: 55’ (16.8m)
    • Draught: 20’ 6” (6.3m)
  • Maximum Speed (when new): 12.5 knots
  • Armament: 2 x 4.1” (105mm) (2 x 1); 2 x 1 pdr (37mm) (2 x 1)
  • Complement: 324
  • Aircraft carried: 20 seaplanes, 2 dirigibles, 2 captive balloons
Delado was laid up at Sagunto when the war broke out, and was sunk by Nationalist aircraft before she could be re-commissioned for service in the Republican Navy. She was scrapped in Valencia in 1940.

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