Wednesday, 8 February 2017

What next?

Having reached a natural point at which to take a break from my Masonic researches (I've reached the end of one Minute Book and have yet to start reading the next), I've decided to start work on a couple of other projects.

Firstly I am going to do some more work renovating and basing some of my pre-painted 25/28mm Del Prado Napoleonic figures. I have found some more French Infantry that need doing, and working on them will make a nice change from sitting in front of my computer making notes and building my increasingly large database of lodge members.

Secondly I am going to expand some of the notes I have drafted for my DEVELOPING THE PORTABLE WARGAME book and – if time permits – begin to word process them.

Thirdly I’d like watch yet another of my recently-released, foreign language war films about fighting on the Eastern Front. I might even manage to do that later today if circumstances allow.

Finally I am going to have to tidy up my office as it has got into a bit of a mess over the past few months ... but that hardly counts as a project and is more a bit of sensible housekeeping.

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