Thursday, 3 August 2017

Still frustrated by an 'intermittent' fault!

The 'intermittent' fault is still plaguing our access to the Internet, and despite promises from our ISP that they know the cause and have an engineer working to solve it, it shows no sign of being sorted out.

This so so frustrating! Several times yesterday I tried to access a number of websites, only to find that the connection to the Internet suddenly went ... and only came back more than an hour later. I can connect to the Internet via my iPad and a Bluetooth link to my iPhone, but because the Bluetooth link is not as secure as I would like (and very, very slow!), I only use this lash up to receive and answer emails.

This morning our access to the Internet seems to be working normally ... but we have no idea if things will stay that way. I do have one or two things that I want to write blog entries about (i.e. a recent blog entry by Man of Tin about the use of Heroscape hexes and a 'thank you' to Ian Dury for sending me a very interesting box full of ROCO Minitank models), but I will wait until later today to do so ... just in case!

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