Friday, 4 August 2017

The MOD Wargaming Handbook has been published

I understand that the Ministry of Defence published its WARGAMING HANDBOOK yesterday ... and I thoroughly recommend anyone with an interest in professional wargame design to read it.

It can be downloaded in PDF format here, and it is well worth reading. Please bear in mind that it is an introduction to professional wargaming for members of the military, and is NOT a detailed 'how to do it' manual or a practitioner’s technical guide.


  1. Bob,

    Do you know of a scholarly source regarding Major General J. M. Grierson's five month wargame experience and what the British Army did as a result? I am writing a graduate level paper on a topic from WWI, due in a week, where this information would be very useful to my cause.

    The linked handbook mentions it on pages 2-3.

    1. Justin Penwith,

      It is one of those mythical events that people know about, but about which not much is actually known. I've checked the National Archives database, but there are no apparently relevant files listed. I suspect that there is probably more information in the archives of the War Studies Department at King's College, London or at RUSI.

      If I find anything that might be of help, I'll be in contact.

      All the best,