Saturday, 11 November 2017

Border trouble: Setting the scene

Trouble was brewing on the northern western frontier of Chindia. There were rumours that a foreign power (most likely Rusland) had been supplying modern weaponry to some of the tribes, particularly the warlike Shinwazis. Over the course of the previous two months the Shinwazis had been raiding into Britannic China and taking anything that they wanted – gold, silver, weapons, women, children, and goats – and killing anyone who resisted. A couple companies of local Tribal Police had been sent to the area to help prevent the raids, but they had been ambushed by some Shinwazis and almost wiped out.

Sir Hector Boleyn-Green – the senior military commander on Chindia's North West Frontier – was determined to teach the Shinwazis a lesson, and decided to form a special Field Force – the Shin Hills Field Force – to undertake a punitive raid into Shinwazi territory. The Field Force comprised:
  • Two Companies of the Frontier Rifles (Lord Eglinton's Greys)
  • Two Companies of the South Yorkshire Regiment
  • Two Companies of the Macfarlane Highlanders
  • A Machine Gun Detachment from the South Essex Regiment
  • 84 Battery, Royal Field Artillery

The terrain used for this battle was created using painted Heroscape hexes. I had recently built a 9 x 8 hex baseboard, which I had painted a light earth colour.

On top of this I laid a layer of green-painted Heroscape hexes and then formed the hills from more green-painted hexes.

The following image shows the basic terrain from the direction the Shin Hills Field Force will enter.

The following image shows the basic terrain from one side.

The following image shows the basic terrain from the perspective of the Shinwazi defenders


  1. The effect of the brown-sided hill tiles reminds me of the look of the Major-General's tabletop on his old Colonial Wargaming page. (That's a good thing)

    1. Ross Mac,

      I'd not thought of it before you mentioned it, but now that you have, I can see the similarity.

      I did think about giving the edges of the hexes a dark brown wash to 'kill' any reflection, but in the end I decided not to bother.

      What I particularly like is the fact that it makes it easy to see where the various hill contours are, especially in any photographs that I take.

      All the best,


  2. Replies
    1. Archduke Piccolo,

      I hope to begin fighting over this terrain later today, and will blog a battle report as soon as I have.

      All the best,