Thursday, 2 November 2017

The latest edition of La Ultima Cruzada is almost finished!

I have spent most of my free time this week working on the latest edition of my book, LA ULTIMA CRUZADA. The text is now pretty well complete. It will need to be proof-read and a few minor changes made before it can be published, but I am now at the stage where I am selecting and/or creating the illustrations that will be in the book.

I had originally hoped to include lots of photographs, but as many are either still in copyright (and thus would have to be licenced if I used them) or of quite poor quality, I have opted to only use photographs that I have taken myself or line drawings that I have created.

Hopefully I will be able to finish this book by early next week so that it can be published in hardback format by Christmas.


  1. Just in time for the xmas list then.

    Looking forward to reading it.



    1. Pete.,

      I'm just adding the bibliography ... and then it will be time for the proof-reading to take place!

      I'm hoping to publish the book by the end of November.

      All the best,