Saturday, 26 October 2019

Another batch of renovated 20mm-scale German figures

I finished renovating the latest batch of 20mm-scale German figures yesterday. They were originally painted to represent some of the Luftwaffe's ground troops who served in Luftwaffe Field Divisions.

Although it is not clear in the photographs, the figures are now depicted as wearing a lighter shade of blue-grey uniforms than they previously wore.


  1. Hi Bob- The 20mm Germans look excellent- you have done a great job of them. Will you be doing the same for some of the Eric Knowles 20mm which you've acquired? Cheers. KEV.

    1. Kev Roberston (Kev),

      Cheers! I'm very pleased with the way this batch of figures turned out.

      I am hoping that I'll only have to rebase most of the figures that I've acquired from Eric Knowles' collection, although I might have to touch up the odd bit of damage they might have suffered over the years.

      All the best,


  2. I'm not surprised you're pleased with these figures' turnout, Bob. Very nice indeed.

    Over the last couple of days I've been having another look at my blog entries of a couple of years back, and my TO&E plus battle reports (Apresski and Uranus). I've been looking at your comments and all.

    Since that time I have been off-and-on revisiting my TO&E for Army level action - never quite managing to make the thing 'work'. It is a topic that I'll be returning to after I have completed the 'Vive La Revolution' campaign narrative. I hope to be making progress on it in the next couple of days.


    1. Archduke Piccolo (Ion),

      Some of the figures I've done so far did not need much renovation, but this latest batch had been finished with a water-based matt varnish, which had gone white in patches over the years. They were - therefore - almost completely repainted.

      I'm hoping to end up with a really simple, 'old school' set of rules, which are sort of based on RF&IC and PW. They will have no pretensions to being 'realistic', but I hope that they will be fun to use. Units will be as follows:
      * Infantry: 4 to 6 figures, of which one can be armed with an LMG/HMG/Mortar, the rest being armed with a mixture of rifles and SMGs
      * Cavalry: 3 to 4 figures, armed with a mixture of rifles and SMGs
      * Artillery: 1 gun and 2 crew figures
      *AFVs: 1 AFV, with a varying number of SPs depending upon the type of vehicle/armour

      Infantry weapon ranges will be 2 or 3 hexes for mortars (depending upon size), 2 hexes for rifles and LMGs/HMGs and 1 hex for SMGs. The combat systems will use D6s, with a different number thrown for each weapons type (e.g. HMG = 3D6, LMG = 2D6).

      I look forward to sharing my ideas with you, and I am looking forward to seeing how your revolution campaign turns out.

      All the best,



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