Tuesday, 8 October 2019

More aircraft for my collection

Over the years, I've been collecting figures, vehicles, and aircraft for my Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War project. Recently I've added a few more aircraft, thanks to a visit to the Falconwood Military and Transport bookshop ...

... and a trawl through eBay.

The 1:100th-scale aircraft are a mixture of plastic and diecast models, and will complement my existing collection very nicely.


  1. They look good - are the figures/vehicles for the project also 1/100 (aka 15mm?), or are you happy to use a different scale for aircraft compared with ground forces?

    1. David in Suffolk,

      My figures are 20mm-scale and my vehicles are a mixture of 1:72nd, 1:76th, and 1:87th scales, so having 1:100th-scale aircraft doesn't create any problems for me.

      All the best,



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