Sunday, 14 November 2010

My Megablitz units: USSR – 66th Army (Spring 1943)

The largest Soviet Megablitz formation that I have in my collection is the 66th Army. This was raised from the 8th Reserve Army in Saratov in August 1942, and deployed in the Stalingrad area during late 1942. It took part in the Stalingrad counteroffensive in November 1942, and performed so well that it was redesignated 5th Guards Army in April 1943.

My Megablitz 66th Army consists of:
  • Army Command and Supply Group
    • 66th Army HQ (Command figure)
    • 66th Army Staff (Command figure)
    • 661st Supply Column (Wagon)
    • 662nd Supply Column (Wagon)
    • 663rd Supply Column (Truck)
  • 64th Rifle Division
    • 433rd Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 440th Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 451st Rifle Regiment (Infantry
  • 99th Rifle Division
    • 1st Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 197th Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 206th Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
  • 116th Rifle Division
    • 441st Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 548th Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 656th Rifle Regiment (Infantry
  • 226th Rifle Division
    • 985th Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 987th Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 989th Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
  • 229th Rifle Division
    • 783rd Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 804th Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 811th Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
  • 343rd Rifle Division
    • 1151st Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 1153rd Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
    • 1155th Rifle Regiment (Infantry)
  • Army Artillery
    • 22nd Artillery Regiment (76mm Gun + Limber)
    • 1029th Artillery Regiment (76mm Gun + Limber)
    • 406th AT Regiment (45mm AT Gun)
    • 875th AT Regiment (45mm AT Gun)
    • 237th Mortar Regiment (81mm Mortar)
    • 903rd Mortar Regiment (81mm Mortar)
  • Army Tank Brigades
    • 91st Tank Brigade (T34/76)
    • 121st Tank Brigade (T34/76)
This Army is an ideal formation with which to mount a set-piece attack on dug-in Axis defences, especially when it is supported by an Artillery Division.

Notes on the figures, weapons, and vehicles:
My Megablitz 66th Army was put together from a variety of different sources:
  • Most of the figures are from the 20mm Russian World War II ranges produced by Britannia and Foundry (now recently re-released) but there are also a few from other manufacturers.
  • The 76mm Guns and 45mm AT Guns are Skytrex models, as are the horses.
  • The wagons are 15mm scale models made by Essex Miniatures, and the limbers are home-cast with wheel from the Airfix Matador truck.
  • The 81mm mortars are also home-cast items.
  • The truck is a modified Majorette Ford A truck, and the T34/76s are original ROCO Minitanks.


  1. Hi Bob,
    I have been following your blog with interest. I like the look of your ironclad rules.

    Bob, I have been gaming in 20mm Eastern Front off and on since about 1972. I have never understood why some wargamers base their tanks in this scale. Aside from personal preference, why do you base your tanks?

    Thanks and regards,

  2. The Ferrymen,

    I am pleased that you like my blog ... and the rules. I hope to run some play-tests soon ... so watch this space!

    Not all my 20mm tanks are based; only the ones I use for Megablitz, and that is because the rules require you to have somewhere to fix a magnetic strength marker holder, and the base is the obvious place to put it.

    All the best,


  3. Great to see this kit, Bob.

    Contra John, I cannot understand why people _don't base their tanks and vehicles. They look much better when based up to match the infantry (and I can't see that changing until the little men can be made to stand up on their own).

    Additionally, the base gives the vehicles an appropriate 'footprint' (I have seen FOW players push their tanks so close together that the middle one lifts up!), that can help the scale illusions of the game.

    If you dont have markers on thwe top of the base, of course, you can always use the undeside to write on.

    But the better visual appeal is enough.

  4. SoA Shows North,

    The problem that I have with basing is consistency. If I base my figures in groups, I see nothing wrong in basing my tanks and other vehicles ... as long as the basing is consistent (i.e. similar thickness and compatible flocking/terrain on the base).

    Your point about the 'footprint' is well made, and it is important with games like Megablitz (I cannot comment about FOW as I have yet to try it!).

    All the best,