Sunday, 17 July 2011

A busy weekend so far

I can see why some retired people complain that they don't know how they fitted everything they needed to do in to the time available when they worked!

Yesterday was taken up by a visit to my father-in-law in Herne Bay and a party for a friend's fortieth birthday in Barnet. The drive to Herne Bay was punctuated by a trip to a large supermarket to buy in a stock of food and other things for my father-in-law, and once we got to his bungalow this had to be unloaded and stored where he can find it. This process is a long one, as we also have to sort through the food he has in his refrigerator take make sure that anything that is past its sell-by date is thrown away. If we don't do that, it either sits in the fridge uneaten or he eats it and then complains that he is ill.

This took most of the morning and a large chunk of the afternoon, and when we got home we had just enough time to have a quick wash, change of clothes, and a bit to eat before we had to drive over to Barnet in North West London.

Barnet is in that part of London which is farthest away from where we live, and the drive there is never uneventful. As a result of problems earlier during the day due to an accident or breakdown, the fastest (and longest) route around the M25 was likely to take up to two hours because of tailbacks, whereas the shortest route through Hackney and Edmonton was predicted to take nearly as long due to various roadworks. In the end we took a route that was neither the longest/fastest nor shortest/quickest ... and arrived in just over sixty minutes.

The celebrations were held in a local pub, and we had a great time. We left at about 11.30pm, and got home in about an hour ... and it was already Sunday by the time we went to bed.

That was my Saturday. I hope Sunday will be a bit more restful ... but somehow I doubt it!


  1. I agree with you Bob. Two years into retirement still finds me overwhelmed by the number of things that need doing. Plus, my wife and I have siblings that still work, so we become the "default" for helping both our remaining parents(her mom-86 and my dad-90).
    Hope you can rest up today.


  2. Five years on I still don't understand how I thought I'd not have enough to do in retirement. Just enjoy

  3. Brigadier Dundas (Don),

    I am two years behind you in this process, but similarities are already developing. The last week seems to have zipped by, and I am finding that trying to do everything in the time that is available is not impossible ... but it is difficult. I am also in the situation of having elderly relatives - my father and father-in-law - who require support from my wife and I.

    I would like to say that today was more restful than yesterday ... but truth is that it was different ... and I suspect that tomorrow will be equally unlike today.

    All the best,


  4. Fire at Will,

    I am just beginning to understand that my time is going be filled with plenty of activity. The problem is going to be finding time to rest between activities!

    All the best,