Friday, 22 July 2011

Heroscape™ hexed terrain ... there's some more!

I was just finishing off the 'Spring clean' of my toy/wargames room ... when I found some more Heroscape™ hexed terrain!

Therefore, my current ‘collection’ of unpainted Heroscape™ hexed terrain includes:
  • 73 x 24-hex tiles (1752 hexes in total)
  • 112 x 7-hex tiles (784 hexes in total)
  • 112 x 3-hex tiles (336 hexes in total)
  • 112 x 2-hex tiles (224 hexes in total)
  • 248 x 1-hex tiles (274 hexes in total)
This is a total of 3370 hexes ... and is considerably more than I estimated that I owned!

I don't think I need to buy any more ... for the time being at least.


  1. Greetings Bob!

    It seems that you have pipped me, but only just, in the count of your Heroscape™ hexes. My grand total came to 3321 hexes which is more than enough to cover a 4' by 4' table several layers deep.

    I hope to use them for a free form fantasy game using my many orcs, goblins and elves which I have been collecting for many years.

    I am loath to purchase any more as they fill one of my storage bins to the brim.


  2. Jim Duncan,

    So I'm not the only person to own a large number of Heroscape™ hexes!

    Fully extended, my wargames table is 6ft x 4ft, and I suspect that my collection of Heroscape™ hexes would easily cover it ... and there would still be plenty left over to make the hills etc.

    I have no plans to purchase any more Heroscape™ hexes at the moment, but you never know ...

    Good luck with your fantasy game.

    All the best,