Monday, 15 August 2011

I have been to ... Bergenhus Festning (Bergenhus Castle)

During the first part of my recent cruise (the visit to Norway), I visited Bergenhus Festning (Bergenhus Castle) in Bergen.

Bergenhus Castle is located so that it can guard the entrance to Bergen's harbour, and it is reputed to be amongst the best preserved castles in Norway. This is probably due to it still being used by the Norwegian armed forces. In fact it contains buildings that date from the thirteenth century (e.g. Haakon's Hall) right through to the Second World War (e.g. a large bunker built for the German Navy), although all the oldest structures had to be rebuilt after World War II as a result of them being extensively damaged when a ship carrying 120 tons of explosives blew up nearby on 20th April 1944.

PS. Sorry for the quality of the map; it has been put together from a scan of the English language tourist map that is given out at the castle.

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