Sunday, 14 August 2011

More Morschauser ... by post!

Whilst I was on my recent cruise, Tim Gow sent me some photocopies of articles from editions of the old 'Wargamer's Newsletter' that were written by Joseph Morschauser.

These additions to my growing collection of Morschauser's work include:
  • GRIDDED WARGAMES (Wargamer's Newsletter Yearbook 1966/7): This describes the way in which Joseph Morschauser was going to use his gridded wargames board to fight a Colonial campaign in the mythical Sultanate of Hauser and a series of World War II air battles similar to those that took place during the Battle of Britain.
  • GRIDDED WARGAMES (Wargamer's Newsletter No.62 [May 1967]): This has a complete description of Morschauser's 'Frontier' rules.
Re-reading the latter has made me realise how elegant and simple the original rules were, and that I should go back to them again before moving forward with my current draft of my PORTABLE WARGAME rules.

Tim also included a copy of an article entitled WARGAMER OF THE MONTH - PROF. GERARD DE GRE (Wargamer's Newsletter No.85 [April 1969]. This was very helpful as I cannot find the copy of this article that was sent to me some time ago by another regular blog reader.


  1. A gridded Battle of Britain game would be very interesting to me - how did these rules work?



  2. JWH,

    Unfortunately the article gives not indication of the rules he was going to use except to hint that the layout was intended to look like a Battle of Britain plot table.

    If I find any further information, I will include it in a future blog entry.

    All the best,


  3. Its good to get back to basics now and then, Glad you had two enjoyable cruises. I've certainly enjoyed them vicariously!


  4. Ross Mac,

    It is good to get back to where one started both one's physical and and developmental 'journeys'.

    The first time you make a ‘journey’, you discover what to avoid in future … and what needs to have more time spent on it the next time you 'visit'. I have certainly done both over the past few weeks.

    All the best,