Friday, 28 September 2012

It is taking longer than expected

You go away for a few weeks ... and when you get back there is so much to do!

I am finding it very difficult to get back into the swing of things now that I am back home because there are so many tasks and chores that need doing.

First there is the unpacking, washing the dirty clothes (or taking them to the dry cleaners ... which is the sort of task I get allocated!), putting the suitcases and bags back into storage (definitely my job!), restocking the fridge and larder (for which I am the taxi service and general 'fetcher and carrier'), and putting everything away.

Secondly there is the snail-mail post to go through (over 100 letters, not all of which were junk mail) ... of which more later.

Thirdly there are the emails that I have been sent that need to be read. There were nearly 2,000 of them ... and they were not all from the IMF, UN, FBI, Nigerian Oil Ministry etc., by a long chalk.

Finally there were the blogs that I follow to look at ... and Google Reader had nearly 300 new blog entries listed!

On top of all this I had a meeting in Central London yesterday that meant I was out of the house from 2.30pm until just after 11.00pm. (I could tell you all about it, but I would have to kill you all afterwards! [This is a joke, by the way; my membership of a 'secret' organisation is mentioned quite a few times elsewhere in my blog!]).

With a bit of luck ... and a following wind ... I SHOULD be back on track over the weekend, and hopefully I will then have time to complete the very long blog entry about my trip to North America I have already drafted.

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