Monday, 25 March 2013

Sitting and waiting

I have spent much of today sitting and waiting for the results of my father's post mortem examination.

Until the Coroner has a definite cause of death, my father's body cannot be released ... and until this happens all the arrangements for the funeral and sorting out my father's estate have to be put on 'hold'. I have managed to write a few letters thanking people for the help and care they gave to my father whilst he was alive, and I have roughed out the design for the Order of Service and invitations for the funeral, but I am fast running out of things to occupy my mind. On top of this I have a feeling of lethargy and fatigue, which I understand is common when people are dealing with bereavement.

I am thinking about having a proper look at my MEGABLITZ collection, and sorting out the unassigned bases into larger formations. It will give me something to do, and will hopefully keep my mind occupied for an hour or two.


  1. Keeping busy is a good idea while waiting to clear the admin side of things I think. Afterwards time with family and friends is good for healing.

  2. Ross Mac,

    If I sit and do nothing, I start to feel that I ought to be doing something ... and if I do something, I have to make sure that it is something that I can do without needing to concentrate too hard.

    Once the funeral is over my wife and I hope to be able to take a bit of a break from normality so that we can recharge out somewhat exhausted batteries.

    All the best,