Friday, 1 March 2013

The Morschauser Papers

Over the past few years I have been assembling copies of any wargames articles written by Joseph Morschauser that I can find. A major source of these article has been TABLE TOP TALK, which has a specific section on its WARGAMER'S CORNER page devoted to Joseph Morschauser's published work.

I managed to spend part of today putting all the articles I have into a single file that I have entitled THE MORSCHAUSER PAPERS. This gave me the opportunity to read what he had written about a number of topics including his famous Roster System and what he called the 'between-the-wars wars'. The latter was of particular interest to me as it is one of the periods that I included as part of my medium-term priorities.

At present I don't have any plans to publish THE MORSCHAUSER PAPERS (most of which can be read on the TABLE TOP TALK website), but they might make an interesting number of appendices to the reprint of his book HOW TO PLAY WAR GAMES IN MINIATURE.


  1. discovering Joe's book in my public library was my introduction to the hobby, and almost 50 years later, it is still a pretty good one. Curiously, I have never played a game with his rules, a deficiency which I must remedy some day!


  2. Gonsalvo,

    I discovered Joseph Morschauser's book during the late 1970s, but did not read it properly until fairly recently ... and once I did I realised how important it actually was. It is one of the reasons why I encouraged John Curry to reprint it as part of his 'History of Wargaming' Project.

    The rules are both simple AND elegant, and produce a very subtle game. I recommend that you try them as soon as you can.

    All the best,