Monday, 7 September 2020

The next VCOW: Definite news

In the wake of the success of the Virtual Conference of Wargamers (VCOW) that took place in July, it has been decided to run a second VCOW in February 2021. This is not a replacement for the annual Conference of Wargamer (COW) - which we still plan to run in a July 2021 - but is seen as being an additional way by which wargamers in general (and members of Wargame Developments in particular) can enhance their wargaming knowledge, listen to talks about various aspects of wargaming, take part in online games and discussions, and enjoy exchanging ideas and concepts with likeminded individuals.

Attendance will be open to all members of Wargame Developments and invited guests of members, and the cost of registering will be £5.00.

Further details will be published over the next week or so, and contact will be made by email to all those who took part in VCOW2020.

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