Friday, 4 October 2013

Another delivery of ROCO/Roskopf models

Whilst I was away last weekend the Post Office tried to deliver yet another parcel of ROCO/Roskopf models that I had bought via eBay. This morning I managed to get to the collection office and I am now the proud owner of even more stuff for my Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War campaign project.

Today's parcel contained:
  • 4 ROCO 2.5-ton trucks
  • 2 ROCO sWS half-tracks, one with a radar antenna and one with a Nebelwerfer launcher
  • 2 ROCO 155mm howitzers
  • 3 Roskopf 105 mm howitzers

This is a very useful package of reinforcements for my project ... which I hope to start work on in the fairly near future now that the autumn is upon us and the nights are getting longer.

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