Monday, 14 October 2013

Drip, drip, dry ... for a bit!

Despite my plans I did not do much reading this morning. Something cropped up that required my immediate attention ... and a drive of about twenty miles into the area where London ends and Essex begins.

This took me slightly longer than expected due to the usual traffic jam that built up at the toll booths at the Dartford Crossing. Once I had returned home – and eaten lunch – the weather seemed to have taken a turn for the better, and I decided to do some more work in the garden. Unfortunately I had only been out there for about thirty minutes – and was halfway through cutting down one of the larger trunks of one of the laurel bushes – when the skies opened and the rain began to fall heavily yet again. Luckily the branches of the laurel bushes gave me some shelter from the rain, and I carried on with what I was doing for another thirty minutes. It was only when I had finished that I realised how wet (and filthy dirty) I had got.

I have just got out of the shower, and although I seem to ache all over I do feel as if I have not wasted any time today. Furthermore I can now look forward to sitting and doing the reading that I did not do this morning. On top of that the weather forecast for tomorrow is very encouraging, and I might manage to get some more work done on my 'great garden tidy-up' project.

Not quite what I expect to do today, but satisfying nonetheless!


  1. Where there's muck there's Bob sawing away at a tree!

    Keep at it Bob!

  2. Jim Duncan,

    With luck I should get some more sawing - and shredding - done tomorrow.

    All the best,


  3. I too really enjoy gardening and the re-creating of things around me.I hope the work goes well today.A chance too to plan / mull over hobby plans as you delve.

  4. Tradgardmastare (Alan),

    I never, ever enjoyed gardening until recently (being made to garden as a child is a sure way to turn one off!) but now I find the work I do in the garden quite fulfilling.

    I suppose that part of the reason for the change of heart is that I can see both why I am doing it and the results of my labour. I doubt that I will ever be an enthusiastic gardener ... but at least I will be a gardener of sorts.

    I also enjoy the solitude and the time it gives me to think ... and I have had some wargaming ideas whilst I have been gardening, so the time I have spent in the garden does not feel wasted in any way.

    All the best,