Sunday, 13 October 2013

I did not go to the SELWG show this year

The SELWG (South East London Wargames Group) show took place today ... and I did not go. This may seem a little odd as the venue – Crystal Palace – is not that far from where I live and the show is one of the biggest wargames shows held in the UK. I usually go … but this year I decided not to.

My reasons for not going are as follows:
  • I have been very busy over the past week or so doing non-wargaming things ... and I feel very tired;
  • I am finding the large wargames shows like SELWG and SALUTE are usually too crowded to be comfortable and many of the people who attend are not mindful of the needs of other attendees;
  • I like to spend time at wargames shows looking at what is on show, talking to the traders and people who are putting on games, and chatting with my many wargaming friends … and this does not seem to be very easy to do at the bigger shows;
  • Most of the traders I am thinking of buying stuff from do not attend SELWG or SALUTE (the reasons being that the traders are either small one man operations who cannot afford to pay for tables at the bigger shows and/or are based in the northern part of the UK).
I am sure that SELWG was a great show, and that I probably missed out by not going … but I don’t regret my decision one bit.


  1. It got quite busy around mid-day and I found it hard to buy stuff from some stands because they were just so busy. Rudeness abounds at any event and yesterday was no exception. On one stall I had picked up what I wanted and was queueing to pay but was three rows from the front. The delay; a guy standing in the front rank chatting on his mobile phone. Infuriating!

  2. Lee Hadley,

    SELWG sounds just like I imagined it would be ... and part of me is pleased that I did not go.

    The problem of people using mobile phones and holding other people up is now so common that it is almost an accepted part of normal life.

    I was recently on a bus when a man using his mobile phone got on. He carried on his conversation whilst the driver waited for him to scan his Oyster Card. The man then broke off from his conversation long enough to harangue the driver about the fact that the bus had not moved. The driver's reply was a classic ... 'This bus will only be mobile when you finish your conversation on your mobile and pay for your journey'. The man hit the roof and started swearing at the driver ... who then told him to pay or get off.

    He paid ... and the bus drove off ... to the sound of clapping from many of the passengers!

    All the best,