Monday, 7 October 2013

Too busy to wargame!

I must admit for the first time in a very long time, I am actually too busy to wargame!

The fine weather has meant that my wife and I have been trying to get as much of the 'great garden tidy-up' done as we can before the winter sets in. This has included cutting down more of our very large laurel hedge ... and today we began to excavate the earth wall that has built up over the years in front of the garden shed. We removed enough earth to get the door open today ... but I need to move quite a bit more before it will open to its full extent and we can begin to see what is in there. At times it is almost like taking part in an episode of TIME TEAM! For example I discovered two paving slabs in front of the shed that used to form part of the garden path. They were buried under six inches of earth that had, over the years, been washed down the garden. (Our garden is one the side of a hill and has a one-in-ten slope.)

My Freemasonry is also occupying quite a lot of my time. Last Friday I attended a meeting in Radlett, Hertfordshire, of the Research Lodge of which I am a member. We installed the Lodge's new Worshipful Master, and he then delivered a very interesting lecture about certain aspects of the design of King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. This afternoon I am off to a meeting of the London Lodge of which I am a member (and Mentor), and on Tuesday I will be part of the Provincial Escort at a meeting in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. This will be the first time I will have acted as Provincial Grand Standard Bearer and it will hopefully be the first of many such duties that I will perform over the next year. On Thursday I am going to Sheffield (with a fellow wargamer who is also a Mason) to see a mutual wargaming friend of ours Initiated into Freemasonry. Masonically speaking, I have never, ever been so busy!

As to wargaming ... well that has to take a back-seat for the moment ... but no doubt I will be discussing aspects of the hobby quite a bit on my drive to and from Sheffield.


  1. Bob, if I had not experienced the same dilemma, I would have thought being "too busy to wargame" was as impossible as being "too drunk to fish"...

    Enjoy your Masonic duties! It is a fine organization.

  2. Steven Page,

    There were times when I was at work when this sort of thing happened, but I never expected it to occur after I had retired!

    I enjoy my Freemasonry a lot and it has brought me almost as many friends and acquaintances as wargaming. In many ways they are similar ... and also very different ... which makes being a participant in both all the more enjoyable.

    All the best,


  3. Work is the curse of the gaming class.