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The March To The Sea: An American Civil War Matrix Game – May 1864

Messages Sent
From: General George Thomas USA (US Army of the Cumberland)

I shall, during the month of May, train and prepare my forces, with the result that their effectiveness against the enemy shall be improved. The reasons that I am able to do this are as follows:
  1. I am currently located at a major railhead, so I shall not want for supplies.
  2. I was the saviour of the Union Army at the Battle of Chickamauga, last year, so my valuable experience will improve the effectiveness of their training.
  3. They are inspired by the fact that, after 3 years, the tide has turned and they are finally bringing the war to the heart of the enemy.

From: General Nathan Bedford Forrest CSA (GOC Bedford’s Raiders)

My forces will raid into Nashville with the result that the Union forces will be drawn from Chattanooga to reinforce Nashville. We will be successful because:
  1. We are a mobile force supported by General Morgan and his forces.
  2. We have the element of surprise.
  3. There ain’t no Northern boys who can hold a candle to the South’s cavalry.

From: General William Tecumseh Sherman USA (US Army of the Tennessee)

The Army will march to Cassville in support of the Army of the Ohio, which will engage General Johnston’s army whilst we envelop its flank. This will be accomplished because:
  1. The Army is well rested and in good heart, having already defeated the rebels at Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge.
  2. There are ample supplies in the forward depots, sufficient for three months campaign at least.
  3. We outnumber the rebels and the operations of the Army of the Potomac under General Meade will ensure that no reinforcements will be despatched to their aid.

From: General John Hunt Morgan CSA (GOC Morgan’s Cavalry)

My forces will raid into Nashville in support of General Forrest, with the result that Union forces will be drawn from Chattanooga to reinforce Nashville. We will be successful because:
  1. We are a mutually supporting mobile force.
  2. We are very experienced in this type of operation, having been doing it for 3 years.
  3. We usually raid with impunity so the Yankees will have to divert large forces to protect their supply lines, communications, captured booty, etc.

From: General John M Schofield USA (US Army of the Ohio)

The Army of the Ohio will march from Chattanooga to Cassville, where I will attack the Rebel army. My army will be able to accomplish this for the following reasons:
  1. The Army of the Tennessee will be supporting this advance.
  2. My army is inspired by the appointment of Grant as Lieutenant General and General-in-Chief of the US Army. Our offensive is the major thrust in his new, overall strategy, which will win the war.
  3. The morale of the Rebels has decreased following their ignominious defeat at Missionary Ridge and the removal of Braxton Bragg.

From: General Joseph E Johnston CSA (Army of Tennessee)

The Army of Tennessee will ambush the Yankee aggressors, resulting in the shame of the Federals! This will succeed because of:
  1. The superior motivation of the heroes of the South.
  2. My secure supply lines from Atlanta.
  3. The anger of the aforesaid heroes at the violation of the sacred territory of the Confederacy by the n****r-loving bluebellies.

Campaign Events
The Confederate raids into Nashville disrupted the training and preparations being undertake by the Army of the Cumberland, and for a time it looked as if Sherman would have to move the Army of the Tennessee into Nashville to support Thomas’s command. This was not necessary, and they were able to advance into Cassville on the flank of the Army of the Ohio. However, Johnston’s Army of Tennessee was laying in wait for such a move, and was able to ambush the Army of the Ohio before Sherman’s troops were in place to outflank such a move. In a series of short, sharp actions, Johnston’s troops inflicted casualties upon several of Schofield’s units.

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Troop Strengths

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  1. Bob,

    A while back you let people know about the campaign to save some Waterloo Campaign-related property in Belgium.

    There is a similar campaign going on in Pennsylvania--to save Lee's Headquarters at Gettysburg:

    I know a LOT of people in the hobby follow your site--would you please consider letting people know about this?

    Either way, best regards as always,


  2. Chris,

    It was my pleasure to do as you asked, and I hope that the campaign to save the building and its surrounding land is successful.

    All the best,