Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The search for William Richardson continues

My wife and I have spent a large part of today at the National Archives (again!) trying to trace the career of one of her forebears, William Richardson.

For a change we availed ourselves of the fact that my car – a Toyota Prius – can pass through the London Congestion Charge Zone for free, and tried the most direct route from Woolwich to the National Archives in Kew. Previously our average travel time was about two hours, but today it took use at least fifteen minutes less than normal ... which pleased us no end!

Our searches were quite fruitful, and I managed to track William's progress within the Royal Artillery until the middle of 1787. By then he was a member of Captain Keith's Company of the Fourth Battalion, which was stationed in Woolwich. As other records indicate that this Company stayed in Woolwich until 1790, when it moved to Plymouth, any future searches should be quicker as I will know which Muster Rolls and Pay Lists to look for rather than having to look at all of them.

My wife has been concentrating on other end of William Richardson's career, and has found when he was promoted from Sergeant to Sergeant Major and that he spent a lot of time away from his Battalion recruiting.

We had not expected to be able to go to the National Archives so soon after our last visit, but now that we seem to have found a faster (and less frustrating) route there, we hope to go back again in the near future to continue our search.


  1. Technology triumphs on your behalf this time Bob!


  2. Jim Duncan,

    For once it did ... but I won't let it lull me into a false sense of security.

    All the best,


  3. Ray Rousell,

    In one of the volumes of bound Muster Rolls and Pay Lists I found a note written on a loose bit of paper ... that was dated 1913! That was probably the last time anyone looked in that volume for any information.

    Makes you think, doesn't it?

    All the best,



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