Thursday, 13 July 2017

I have been to … Bangsbo Fort Museum, Frederikshavn, Denmark

The Bangsbo Fort Museum occupies a position south of the major port of Frederikshavn in Denmark. It comprises a complex of over fifty bunkers, most of which date from the Second World War.

During our visit we were able to go into two of the restored bunkers.

The first was an artillery bunker, whose entrance was guarded by a machine gun port.

Inside was the ready-use room for the gun's shells …

… from where we went down a short flight of narrow concrete stairs …

… and into the gun casemate. This had a commanding view of the Baltic Sea …

… and was protected from enemy artillery fire and bombs by an concrete overhang.

The 15cm (5.9-inch) gun inside the casemate was Swedish in origin, and had been removed from the Danish warship Niels Juels after it had been seized in 1942.

Above ground a further pair of guns that had formed part of the fort's armament were on display. These were a Danish-built 12cm (4.7-inch) gun …

… and a German-built 7.5cm PaK gun on a coastal defence mounting.

The second bunker that we visited was one of the command bunkers, which contained examples of the myriad of equipment used to control some of the fort's guns and to provide living accommodation for the bunker's personnel.

In the fort's visitors centre there was a small shop as well as a model of the fort …

… as well as examples of the ammunition used by the fort's guns.


  1. Interesting to see the 75mm PAK on such a mount. I like the little building that you bought, it will make a fine industrial unit.


    1. Bob Kett,

      I've seen 75mm PaKs on a variety of mounts, but not one like this before. It has a very nautical look to it.

      The building has lots of potential uses, and fits in well with 15mm-scale figures.

      All the best,