Monday, 31 July 2017

I have been to ... the Model Ship Collection at the Tallinn Maritime Museum: Part 4: Freighters and Cargo Ships

Besides being heavily involved in operating a range of both inshore and deep-sea trawlers, the Estonian Merchant Navy has always operated a large number of freighters and cargo ships relative to the size of the country.

Steam Freighter Tatjana

Steam Freighter Kajak

Steam Freighter Neidenfels

This model was used to teach Merchant Navy Cadets how to stow cargo safely and securely aboard a ship.

Freighter Paldiski

Vehicle Transporter Narva

Freighter Heltermaa

Freighter Loksa

Bulk Freight Carrier Kristjan Palusalu

Bulk Freight Carrier Gustav Sule

Freighter Hans Looglemann

Steam Freighter Eestirand


  1. Some beautiful artifacts of the ship builders art there Bob.

    1. Conrad Kinch,

      The museum is not large, but it certainly has a great collection of ship models on show. Well worth the visit just to look at them.

      All the best,