Monday, 17 July 2017

I have been to … the Model Ship Collection, Bangsbo Estate, Frederikshavn, Denmark

In the same building as the Resistance Museum on the Bangsbo Estate, Frederikshavn, Denmark is a model ship collection. the models represent different types of ship operated and sailed by the Danes.

The first section of the display covered icebreakers, a type of vessel that is often needed in the Baltic during the winter months.

Icebreaker Isbjorn

Icebreaker Elbjorn

Nautical safety was covered by a model of a lightship ...

Lightship Skagen

... and more general naval history by the inclusion of a model British warship from the early nineteenth century.

A typical British Napoleonic-era frigate

This was followed by a collection of assorted Danish merchant ships.

Hans Medtoft

Kron Prinssesan Ingrid


Anthony Pollock



F V Mortensen

The collection also included a large number of models of sailing vessels.

Also on display was a model of a typical small side trawler ...

... and several marine paintings, one of which depicted a Danish ironclad dressed overall and firing a salute.

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