Tuesday, 11 July 2017

I have been to … the Grenen Bunker Museum, Skagen, Denmark

The Grenen Bunker Museum is a privately-owned museum situated in the beach area of Grenen on the northern tip of Denmark.

On entering the German-built bunker a display board explains that the bunker was originally built to act as a first-aid post for the surrounding complex of coastal defences.

The explanation is accompanied by a plan of the original bunker.

Two display cases contain mannequins dressed in typical uniforms worn by the soldiers who would have occupied the bunker during the Second World War.

One of the bunker's rooms has been set up to show what it would have looked like when in use as a first-aid station …

… whilst another has been used to recreate a typical sleeping area in the bunker.

A third room contains a detailed model of the bunker complex at Grenen …

… as well as a map of the area.

A fourth room contains a display about the Second World War, …

… the human cost of the war, …

… and the building and function of the Atlantic Wall.

Of particular interest to me was a display that featured images of all the ships of the Kriegsmarine.

There were also numerous displays of artefacts and memorabilia from the time when the bunker was occupied and used by the Germans.

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