Sunday, 23 March 2014

An early start for a Sunday morning

By accident rather than design I awoke early this morning, and although it is Sunday – a day when a bit of a lie-in is almost compulsory – I decided to get up and start work on some of the preparation work I need to do before I can decorate the conservatory.

My primary task was to begin the process of filling in the holes that – over the years – have been drilled into the walls. All the old rawlplugs have now been removed, and each of the holes has had some filler pushed into it and the surface roughly smoothed off. That now needs to dry before a final skim of filler is applied in about an hour or two. When that has also dried, I will smooth out any irregularities with some abrasive paper and a block.

My next task will be to begin removing the old carpet, underlay, and gripper strips ... and I suspect that that will take me several hours. I will then have to take the whole lot to the local re-cycling centre (the new name for the local authority depot where rubbish is sorted and disposed of) before it closes late this afternoon.

Luckily there will be a few points during the day when I should have the odd hour or two to do some modelling, and with luck I may well be able to make some progress with constructing and detailing some of the buildings I will need for my L-shaped built-up areas.


  1. Courage mon brave! You are in the final furlong.

    I have to tackle the attic this week. I'm not looking forward to it.

  2. Conrad Kinch,

    I struggle on, doing my best.

    (DIY is the curse of the wargaming class!)

    I hope that your adventures in the attic are rewarding.

    All the best,