Monday, 24 March 2014

Preparation, preparation, preparation

After our return from the re-cycling centre and the local branch of Lidl, my wife and I spent most of the day preparing the conservatory for painting and for the new floor to be laid. All the holes and cracks in the plasterwork were filled and sanded ... and then given a coat of PVA. This acts as both a sealant and a primer, and should ensure that when the paint is applied, it will easily 'grip' the plaster.

Once that was complete the woodwork was lightly sanded and wiped over with a tacky cloth. The cloth both removed the dust and cleaned the woodwork. The floor was then swept and vacuum cleaned to remove the dirt, dust, and general debris that remained after the removal of the carpet and the underlay.

The conservatory is now ready to be decorated, and with luck I should be able to start early tomorrow morning ... and finish by late afternoon.

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