Sunday, 1 October 2017

Another busy Masonic week

I have another busy Masonic week ahead of me. On Monday I will going back to Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London, to attend a meeting of my London Lodge. It will make a change to go to a normal Masonic meeting where all I will have to do is to sit and watch the other members of the the Lodge perform a ritual.

After the meeting we will adjourn to the Kingsway Hall Hotel for a post-dinner champagne reception and four-course meal. (My London Lodge prides itself on being a champagne and fine-dining Lodge, and the food, drink, and company is always excellent.)

On Friday I will be going to Radlett in Hertfordshire for a meeting of the Veritatem Sequere Lodge. This is Hertfordshire's research lodge, and at this meeting I will be Installed as the new Worshipful Master. Once in the Chair, I will then invest the Officers of the Lodge before delivering the lecture about the Halsey family that I finished writing last week.

After the post-meeting dinner I will be taking part in a question-and-answer session about the lecture. This sounds more intimidating than is actually is, and is always an invigorating and educational experience.

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