Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Australian Colonial Navies: South Australia

The ships used by the colonial navy of South Australia included:

Protector (Cruiser):

  • 944 tons; 84 to 105 crew; 1 x 8-inch BLR Gun; 5 x 6-inch BLR Guns; 5 x Gatling Machine Guns
  • In service from 1884 until 1924. 4 x 3 pdr Hotchkiss QF Guns fitted in 1890. Took part in the suppression of the Boxer Rising in China. Became part of the Royal Australian Navy in 1911, and converted into a Gunboat armed with 2 x 4-inch QF Guns, 2 x 3-inch QF Guns and 4 x 3pdr QF Guns. In 1921 she was converted into a training ship for controlled minelaying. Sold in 1924 to become a lighter, she was requisitioned by the US Army in 1943. She was lost as a result of a collision with a tug in 1944.
No. 191 (Torpedo boat):

  • 10 tons; 7 crew; Dropping gear for 2 x 14-inch torpedoes
  • Transferred from Tasmania in 1900. In service from 1900 until 1910 when she was removed from service. Sold in 1917.

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