Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Wargamer's Notes Quarterly No.4

The fourth issue of THE WARGAMER'S NOTES QUARTERLY has been published ... and it continues to maintain its excellent standard!

This is the fourth edition of the no-cost online magazine that is being produced by Greg Horne (of Australia) and Stokes Schwatz (of the USA).

This issue contains the following:
  • Conington Contraband by Rob Grace (UK)
  • Breaking New Ground: An Irregular Series on a Renaissance campaign by Greg Horne (Australia)
  • Chit Games, or How to Balance the Inequitable by Rob Grace (UK)
  • Making a Fort for the Caribbean by Allan Tidmarsh (UK)
  • Wargaming the Eureka Stockade by Gregory Blake (Australia)
  • Atlantic Breakout A Fletcher-Pratt Wargame by Rob Grace (UK)
  • The Battle of Fehrbellin, 28th June, 1675 by Greg Horne (Australia) & ‘Musketier’ (Belgium)
  • Building a Boat by Greg Horne (Australia)
  • The Combat of Dva Mosta by Rob Grace (UK)
If you are interested in getting hold of a copy of THE WARGAMER'S NOTES QUARTERLY, contact them at


  1. Bob,
    How about sending them an account of one of your PW battles with photographs? I think the 'old school' style of PW would be appreciated at WNQ.

    1. Arthur Harman (Arthur),

      It's something that I have given some thought to ... and I have a scenario in mind that i have used before is definitely 'old school'!

      All the best,


  2. I have to say the Fletcher Pratt Naval WW2 "breakout" Hood & PoW v Bismarcjk and Prinz Eugen was a good one! The "Critical Hit" nuance gave it a bit of a biting edge

    1. Geordie an Exiled FoG,

      As a lover of the Fletcher Pratt rules, l wholeheartedly agree!

      All the best,