Thursday, 26 October 2017

Britannia's Gamble: The Dawlish Chronicles: March 1884 - February 1885

I've just purchased the sixth and latest addition to Antoine Vanner's excellent DAWLISH CHRONICLES – BRITANNIA'S GAMBLE – and hope to read it over the next couple of weeks.

As the cover illustrations and the dates make obvious, this book is mostly set in Egypt and the Sudan during the attempt to reach Khartoum, raise the Mahdist siege, and save General Charles 'Chinese' Gordon from certain death.

This looks like it will be yet another excellent addition to what has turned out to be a very enjoyable series of books to read ... and from what one can gather, there are still plenty more books to come!

BRITANNIA'S GAMBLE was written by Antoine Vanner and published by Old Salt Press in 2017 (ISBN 978 1 943404 18 6).


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    1. William Stewart,

      Having read the earlier books in the series, I know that I am going to enjoy reading the latest.

      All the best,