Friday, 6 October 2017

My latest book sales figures are in ... and my Portable Wargame books are still selling quite well!

The latest sales figures for my books have just arrived ... and it is encouraging to see that my two PORTABLE WARGAME books continue to sell quite well.

To date THE PORTABLE WARGAME has sold 904 copies in its various formats ...

... and DEVELOPING THE PORTABLE WARGAME has sold 328 copies.

Even WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! continues to sell, with 10 more copies selling during the past month.

All this is encouraging me to crack on with work on my next book (or books), especially my heavily revised Spanish Civil War source book. The latter has been on the back-burner for the past few weeks whilst I finished writing the talk I will be delivering later today to the Hertfordshire research lodge, the Veritatem Sequere Lodge. In fact the research done for the talk might even be the basis for a short book ... but that is something for me to think about before I start writing it!


  1. Excellent! I really ought to sit down and make a review of TPW. Ordered DPW only yesterday.

    1. Jonathan Freitag,

      I hope that you enjoy reading it, and I look forward to reading your review.

      All the best,