Sunday, 15 October 2017

Baltic warships: Part 1a: Fredrikshavn

During the cruise Sue and I took to the Baltic earlier this year, I saw quite a large number of warships, and I having recently found the photographs I took, I thought that I would produce a series of blog entries based around them.

Whilst in Denmark I saw two Danish warships in the harbour of Fredrikshavn. They were KDM Absalon (L16) ...

... and KDM Triton (F358).

The former is an Absalon-class frigate-style command and support ship and the latter is a Thetis-class frigate.

KDM stands for Kongelige Danske Marine, which translates into English as Her or His Danish Majesty's Ship (HDMS).


  1. This is not a new career in retirement as a Fred Jane spy?


    1. Geordie an Exiled FoG,

      Me? Perish the thought ... although some of my photographs of Kronstadt might be of interest to someone of the Ilk!

      All the best,