Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Memoir of Battle at Sea: Re-drawn diagrams

I have added another explanatory diagram to my MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA naval wargames rules, and I used the opportunity to re-drawn the existing diagrams so that they are all of a consistent design.

Arcs of Fire: Guns
Arcs of Fire: Fixed Torpedo Tubes
Arcs of Fire: Trainable Torpedo Tubes


  1. I am appalled Bob.

    These diagrams are in no way up to your usual work.

    I demand you replace them with handdrawn examples with a seahorse theme.

    Get weaving Cordery!

  2. Conrad Kinch,

    I tried weaving new diagrams – honest – but the loom will only produce squares and not hexes.

    I am off to Hobbycraft to buy the equipment needed so that I can quilt the next diagrams (quilting uses hexagons, so that makes it easier), but the embroidery lessons I will need don't start till next week ... so in the meantime you will have to rely on my computer-produced diagrams (which are at least a bit better than my hand-drawn crayon ones).

    Yours in grovelling servitude,


  3. I thought, just for a minute, here we go again. But thankfully not.

    In my playing group you can always depend upon a better class of insult than that from just anybody!!

    Am off to Crisis next weekend and then the Western Mediterranean the week after so I'll keep the camera handy in case any seahorses come into view.

    Jim Duncan

  4. Jim Duncan,

    I can always rely on good old Conrad Kinch for a humorous comment of some sort!

    I envy you going to CRISIS. I would love to make it there sometime, but at present work - and a few domestic 'problems' - make that too difficult.

    Enjoy your trip to the Western Mediterranean ... and I look forward to seeing the photos of the seahorses.

    All the best,