Friday, 29 October 2010

Some thoughts about a colonial version of Memoir of Battle

So far, all I have done is had a few thoughts about my proposed colonial version of MEMOIR OF BATTLE. They are as follows:
  • I want to keep the idea of all artillery fire taking place before anything else happens each turn. This is something that Joseph Morschauser used in his 'Frontier' wargames rules, and I used it in MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA.
  • I intend to keep the Unit statistics from my modified version of BATTLE CRY.
  • I intend to add Unit statistics for Machine Guns. My first thoughts are to treat them as Smooth-bore Artillery that can move like Infantry (i.e. Move two hexes or move one hex and battle).
  • I intend to keep the Terrain effects (with a few suitable modifications) from my modified version of BATTLE CRY.
  • Units will comprise four foot figures (Infantry), three mounted figures (Cavalry), a gun and two crewmen (Artillery and Machine Guns), or a single foot or mounted figure (General).
These are my preliminary thoughts about the rules … and before anyone mentions it, I am still thinking about whether or not to use Command Cards. I probably will use them for face-to-face games, but as most of my wargaming is done solo, I think that I have to come up with an alternative system. This might include using the system I have already used in MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA (i.e. using a D6 die score to determine which side will move first each turn after the Artillery has fired.

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