Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Battle Cry! 150th Anniversary Edition: Rules book

Although I could just about resist taking everything out of the box containing the newly arrived edition of Richard Borg's BATTLE CRY!, I could not stop myself from looking at the rules booklet.

The booklet is printed on gloss paper, and has the sort of production levels that one has now come to expect from commercial games. The rules appear to be generally similar to those in the original edition of the game, although there have been some changes that are a result of the extensive development the basic game system has undergone over the years. The rules seem to me to be better laid out in the new edition, and I found the explanations and diagrams were definitely better.

The main change is the increase in the number of scenarios that are included in the booklet. They are:
  • Falling Waters (West Virginia, 2nd July, 1861)*
  • First Bull Run (Virginia, 21st July, 1861)#
  • Wilson's Creek (Missouri, 10th August, 1861)*
  • Greenbrier River (West Virginia, 3rd October, 1861)*
  • Belmont (Missouri, 7th November, 1861)*
  • Dranesville (Virginia, 20th December, 1861)*
  • Fort Donelson [Confederate Breakout] (Tennessee, 15th February, 1862)*
  • Little Sugar Creek (Arkansas, 17th February, 1862)*
  • Pea Ridge (Arkansas, 7th March, 1862)#
  • Kernstown (Virginia, 23rd March, 1862)#
  • Shiloh [First Day] (Tennessee, 6th to 7th April, 1862)#
  • Williamsburg (5th May, 1862)*
  • McDowell (Virginia, 8th May, 1862)~
  • Winchester (Virginia, 25th May, 1862)~
  • Oak Grove (Virginia, 25th June, 1862)*
  • Gaines Mill (Virginia, 27th June, 1862)#
  • Cedar Mountain (Virginia, 9th August, 1862)~
  • Second Bull Run (Virginia, 28th August, 1862)#
  • Richmond (Kentucky, 30th August, 1862)*
  • Ox Hill (Virginia, 1st September, 1862)*
  • Antietam (Maryland, 17th September, 1862)#
  • Perryville (Kentucky, 8th October, 1862)*
  • Prairie Grove (Arkansas, 7th December, 1862)*
  • Frederickburg (Virginia, 13th December, 1862)#
  • Murfreesboro [First Day] (31st December, 1862 to 2nd January, 1863)#
  • Gettysburg [Devil's Den & Wheat Field, Second Day] (Pennsylvania, 1st to 3rd July, 1863)#
  • Gettysburg [Pickett's Charge, Third Day] (Pennsylvania, 1st to 3rd July, 1863)#
  • Chickamanga [Second Day] (Georgia, 19th to 20th September, 1863)#
  • New Market (Virginia, 15th May, 1864)#
  • New Hope Church (Georgia, 25th May, 1864)#
All the scenarios marked with a hash (#) were included in the original rules booklet, those marked with a star (*) are in the new edition of the rules, as are those marked with a tilde (~), which are in the 'Jackson Campaign Supplement'.

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