Sunday, 30 January 2011

Railways and Wargames: Some images from my old Colonial Wargaming website

My Colonial Wargaming website has been running – in various incarnations – for over nine years, and was last given a major overhaul in 2005. At that time I renovated quite a few of the existing pages and deleted others, including those dedicated to wargaming and railways. I did not, however, delete the photographs that I had used ... and here are some of them.

The first is from my very first battle report – The Battle of Arora Junction – and although the photograph is not of a particularly good quality, the Liliput™ HOe-gauge locomotive and passenger carriage can be seen in the centre.

The next four photographs show a variety of different HOe-gauge locomotives and rolling stock.

The first is a Liliput™ 0-6-2 tank locomotive and 4-wheel passenger carriage, ...

... the second a Liliput™ 0-6-2 tank locomotive and 4-wheel goods van, ...

... the third is a ROCO™ 0-6-0 tank locomotive and 4-wheel passenger carriage, ...

... and the fourth is a ROCO™ 0-6-0 tank locomotive and mixed goods wagons.

The 15mm-scale figures give some indication of the size of the locomotives and rolling stock.

The advantage of HOe-gauge model railway equipment is that it runs on N-gauge model railway track. As the photographs show, although the locomotives and rolling stock are 1:87-scale, they fit in well with 20mm and 15mm-scale wargames figures. The N gauge track is 9 mm wide, and is equivalent to 90 cm (3 foot) gauge track in 1:100-scale.


  1. Nice stuff, Bob ...
    I'm starting to worry about the way I enjoy looking at these railway model pictures...

    Phil Steele

  2. Phil,

    Just admit it; you are a model railway geek ... just like me and one or two other people we both know!. Once you admit it, you can be cured ... or just give in and enjoy it like the rest of us!

    If I can find the box with all my railways stuff in it, they may be even more photographs to come!

    All the best,