Thursday, 27 January 2011

Battle Cry! 150th Anniversary Edition: The figures

After another busy day at work, I only managed to have enough time when I got home to take a look at the new figures that are the playing pieces supplied with the latest edition of BATTLE CRY!

For reasons of clarity, I have only photographed the Confederate figures; the Union figures are exactly the same except that they are moulded in blue and not grey.

They are somewhat more detailed that the figures supplied with the original game, but they do appear to be compatible with the older figures.

As this photograph shows, the only major change to the units is confined to the Artillery. In the old edition, Artillery was represented by two cannon, each with a single crewman. In the new edition there is only one cannon per artillery unit, but it comes with three crewmen.

The following photographs show each of the types in unit in slightly more details. Firstly, an Infantry unit ...

... secondly, a Cavalry unit ...

... thirdly, an Artillery unit ...

... and finally, a General.

I still need to fix the flags to the various flagpoles, but once that is done, the figures will be ready to use.


  1. Bob
    I'm sure we'll see these chaps in other games before long! What size are they?

  2. Tim Gow,

    They are small 20mm figures (just the size I like!).

    All the best,


  3. Hmmm small 20mm? Compatible with Airfix? or even smaller?

    I'm enjoying this browse through the box btw. Never seen one in person.


  4. Ross Mac,

    I don't have any 'modern' Airfix figures to hand, but they are the same 'foot to top of the head' height as the early Airfix World War II German figures that I do have.

    Writing about what is in the box has actually made me look at the contents slowly and with care ... and I have enjoyed the process more than I might have done had I hurried through it.

    All the best,