Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Even more hex terrain experiments

I have continued to experiment with various methods for creating transitional hex terrain tiles. In the first batch I added the cork granules first and when the PVA glue was dry I added the static grass.

In the second batch I reversed the procedure and used the static grass first and then added the cork granules later.

I expected that there would be no discernible difference between the two batches, but it appears that there is.

In the second batch the different patches seem to be more distinct whereas in the first they seem to be somewhat blurred. I suspect that this is a result of the static grass 'clinging' to the cork granules, something that did not happen with the second batch.

This was a very useful set of experiments, and they have pointed me in what I think will be the right direction to go when I start on this project in the very near future.

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