Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My Imagi-world map is finally finished ... I think!

Despite being rather busy today, I did manage to do some more work on my late nineteenth/early twentieth century imagi-world map.

Imagi-world North America

Finding appropriate names for the various states and provinces that make up my imagi-world North America took some time and quite a lot of research. In the end I tried to use appropriate tribal names wherever possible, but with some more obviously European names for the majority of the older areas.

The main addition to the original map was the island that occupies the sea between Tampa and Anahuaco. It has been named Cigara (which is a name that I used some years ago for a hidden scenario wargame about the 'Bay of Pigs' incident).

Imagi-world South America

Most of the imagi-nations of South America already existed in name (if not in fact). The only exceptions were Caribia (named after the tribe of Amerindians who lived in the area before the European colonisation took place), Amazona (named after the river), and Argentia (which has the same etymological root as Argentina).


  1. Hi Bob!

    The World Map is looking good and should provide hours of enjoyment, if it already hasn't!

    In my neck of the woods, the Shawnee and Miami Tribes are going to be very vexed with you, so they will be expecting very large gifts at the next Council Fire to mollify them.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you incorporate the map into your campaigns.



  2. Martin,

    Many thanks for your kind words ... and the suggestions regarding the Shawnee and Miami tribes. They may well replace one or other of the other names on the map ... which is why I said that I thought that the map might not quite be finished yet!

    All the best,