Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Imagi-world Map continues to develop

I spent a very relaxing hour or so this morning doing further developmental work on my imagi-world map.

I realised that I needed to change the colour scheme somewhat and also to renumber some of the smaller nations or provinces that I had already identified on the map. The result is as follows:

I have now named all the areas within Europe, and the countries are:
  • The United Kingdom of Britannia (Anglia, Scotia, and Eira plus Britannic Iberia [6] and the island of Faletta [7])
  • Iberia
  • Gallia
  • Teutonia
  • Etruscia
  • Magrovia
  • Remusia
  • Forbodia
  • Muscovy
  • Opeland (including Latonia [9])
  • Upsland (including Greater Nordland, Lesser Nordland, and Jutaland [8])
  • Syldavia [1]
  • Maldacia [2]
  • Laurania [3]
  • Epirica [4]
  • Borduria [5]
My next step to is tidy up the European area of the map before moving on to look at adding detail to the Middle East and Africa.

What I like about this sort of project is that I can come back to it as and when I have some time, and it therefore fits in easily with all the other things that I am currently trying to do.


  1. Bluebear Jeff,

    Many thanks. However I did notice that I had missed out Borduria ... which I have now added!

    I hope to add some details to the African part of the map later today or possibly tomorrow.

    All the best,


  2. Hi Bob,

    This looks like a rich and varied setting for much future conflict and mayhem! Africa and the Middle East will be very interesting to see and I shall look forward to seeing them in due course.

    All the best,


  3. David Crook,

    That is exactly what I hoped would begin to evolve as I began to add detail to the map. Some areas are going to be left relatively empty of European colonies/spheres of influence, so that these will be area for colonial expansion and conflict.

    All the best,