Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fenwick Travers is no Harry Flashman but ...

I have just finished reading the second of the Fenwick Travers novels by Raymond M Saunders – FENWICK TRAVERS AND THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM.

This book follows on from the first in the series and deals with Fenwick's involvement in the pacification of the Philippines after the Spanish-American War. It has lots of gratuitous violence and combat, cowardly behaviour (with a tinge of self-interested bravado), and some hilarious sex scenes. As you might gather, I enjoyed reading this book … and I feel that the author probably enjoyed writing it as well. It is not great art nor is it great fiction but it was great fun … and it did give me some ideas for potential wargames scenarios.

I hope to start reading the final book in the trilogy today or tomorrow … and I hope that it is equally as fun to read.


  1. Good Stuff! Look forward to the conclusion ... Jeff

  2. Chasseur (Jeff),

    The last book in the trilogy is about the Panama Canal and the Panamanian Uprising against Colombia.

    An interesting scenario if every I heard of one!

    All the best,