Monday, 10 October 2011

More Imagi-world map progress

I have now finished adding the detail for the easternmost part of my imagi-world map.

Imagi-world Asia

Some of the countries had quite a large number of sub-divisions. These represent the fact that they have large populations and/or are the results of a series of forced or voluntary amalgamations at some point in their history.

Imagi-world South Asia and Australasia

Both New Zealand and the Philippines were missing from the original RISK map. As a result this area of the map has far fewer islands than one would expect.

All that remains for me to add are the details for the Americas ... and I hope to start that later tonight.


  1. Bob,
    I am following your map progress with interest.
    Just an FYI, I am pretty sure the island you labelled Kuvu is Luzon, and the one you labelled Oronta is Mindanao, with the other Phillipines abstracted in-between; and the whole crammed much closer to Indonesia than is warranted.
    I have never understood the absence of New Zealand, except that if it was a separate territory (or two), it would have made the Australian continent in the game much more of a game-breaker when taken early.

    I'm also looking forward to your WW2 PW rules. Do you think you would ever use Imagi-nations for that period?


  2. Hi Bob,

    Just as a thought - when the map is complete perhaps you could detail it in a 1900 fashion in terms of trim, text font and some of those pastel coloured tints so beloved of the late Victorians etc, print it off and have it mounted on the wall in your den. It would look really good and serve as a continual source of inspiration.

    Will two thirds of it be red though?

    All the best,


  3. The Ferryman (John),

    Many thanks for your kind comments.

    I suspect that you are right about the merging of the Philippines and Indonesia into one on the original map; certainly the shape of the islands supports that contention. You are probably also right about the absence of New Zealand from the original map (I did consider adding it to mine, but in the end I chose not to).

    The PW WW2 rules are forming in the back of my mind, and may well see the light of day soon-ish; drawing the imagi-world map has made me realise that I could easily use it for that era as well. An example the springs to mind is the possible 1930s war between Syldavia and Borduria!

    All the best,


  4. David Crook,

    A very nice idea ... and one that I will give serious consideration to!

    As to two-thirds of the map being red ... well not quite ... and I have used pink ('Rose' to be precise) for the Britannic Empire.

    All the best,