Thursday, 6 October 2011

Pulling one's horns in

I spent quite a time yesterday trying to sort out the finances so that we can move my father-in-law from his bungalow to a flat in wardened accommodation. As a result it looks like we will be able to proceed with this quite quickly ... but at a cost.

I will not bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that in the immediate future my wife and I are going to have to be a bit more careful with our spending than we have in the past. This will only be a temporary situation but it does mean that I will have to put into abeyance some of the things that I was going to purchase for my current wargame projects. This does not mean that I will not be doing any wargaming, nor that my current projects will stop; it just means that progress will probably be a bit slower than I had originally hoped. Mind you, sorting out the move and helping my father-in-law settle in to his new home – as well as helping him sell his old one – are going to take up quite a lot of time, and the projects would have probably had to have been put on ‘hold’ anyway.

This all goes to prove that you can never plan too far ahead, and that whatever plans you do have should be flexible enough to deal with changing circumstances as they arise. As Captain, 2nd Rank Vasily Borodin says in THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, ‘First we must accomplish the task at hand. An officer who looks too far ahead stumbles over his own boots.

I rather apt quote, I think.

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