Saturday, 23 February 2013

Gerard de Gre's Ancient Wargame Rules ... as modified by Charles and David Sweet

I finally managed to finish transcribing these rules (including the special rules and Army Lists) this afternoon, and they can now be downloaded via the link from this blog's Free Downloadable Wargame Rules page.

I have also added a link to Gerard de Gre's Napoleonic Wargame rules (as modified by Charles and David Sweet) from the Free Downloadable Wargame Rules page.


  1. Bob, this is great!!!

    The special rules and army lists are just what I was looking for, and doubtless my extrapolations made a few errors. If you don't mind, I am going to take advantage of this document and update my own post on the subject. I think I'll check and see if I can get Barry to play out a test game or two, now that I have my Catapults refurbished...


  2. Gonsalvo,

    I am pleased that I could be of assistance! Dick Bryant supplied me with scans of the original pages from THE COURIER and it made eminent sense to make them more widely available. If they can help you to develop your own version of the rules, all well and good.

    I look forward to reading the reports about you forthcoming battles.

    All the best,


  3. Bob,

    I had no trouble accessing the fre rules 10 days ago, buit last night nd today I get an error message when trying to access any of them. It looks like I will run the Sweet Ancient rules at a small convention in April. I'd appreciate it it you might be able to send me the pdf file directly, so that I can uodate my version.

    Thanks in advance!


  4. Gonsalvo,

    Sorry to read that you cannot access the free wargames rules. I have just checked the link but I did not get any error messages.

    I will send a copy to your email address as soon as I can access my personal computer.

    All the best,