Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Portable Wargame Ancients version: a third draft

I had a bit of spare time today and so I sat down and produced a third draft of the PORTABLE WARGAME: ANCIENTS rules.

I have made a few changes that I think will improve them somewhat. The changes can be summarised as follows:
  1. The rules have been re-written so that they can be used with a squared grid rather than a hexed grid.
  2. Infantry are now divided into three types: Heavy Infantry, Light Infantry, and Missile-armed Light Infantry.
  3. Cavalry has reverted to just two types: Heavy Cavalry and Light Cavalry.
  4. Light Infantry and Light Cavalry may move diagonally as well as orthogonally.
  5. Missile-armed Light Infantry are at a greater disadvantage in Close Combat than they previously were.
This latest draft can now be downloaded from here. Any helpful feedback would be gratefully received.


  1. Hi Bob
    I have downloaded the rules but \i also use the hexon tiles for my battles but will give them a try

  2. I just did a quick read-through, Bob.

    Should Light Cavalry movement not be 3, instead of "2" as listed?

    Otherwise, things look good!

  3. Yep, looking very good indeed!

    This may have been asked before and I simply missed it, but how do you indicate casualties for a unit? Are you using a roster, casualty markers, removal of figures, placement of casualty figures near the unit, etc.?

    Best regards as always,


  4. Johntheone,

    I also use Hexon II for most of my wargaming, but for some reason Ancients seem to work better with a squared grid ... possibly because of the more linear formations most armies seem to have used.

    All the best,


  5. Steven Page,

    You a possibly right. I left it as '2' because Light Cavalry were allowed to make diagonal moves, but on second thoughts, perhaps it should have been '3'.

    All the best,


  6. Chris,

    Personally I use figure removal to show Unit degradation, but the system works well with rosters or casualty markers. I did not put this in the rules so that individual players could choose what suited them best.

    All the best,