Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Inspiration ... and decision making

I paid one of my periodic visits to the local branch of Hobbycraft today in the hope that they have finally received a new delivery of basswood (they have not have any new stock delivered since last October!). It was a surprise and a pleasure to find that their stock had been replenished, and I bought enough to last me for several months of model building.

Whilst I was there I happened to see several small wooden boxes on sale for £1.99 each ... and I bought two of each. They came in two shapes, hexagonal ...

... and round.

If I separate each lid from its box, both of two parts can be used to create a small fortress or redoubt. The lids have a shallower side and are therefore more suitable for conversion into redoubts whereas the sides of the bottoms are higher and would be better used as small forts.

Whilst I was out the post office delivered some blue castle golf tees that I had ordered (a bag of 100 cost just over £3.00 including postage).

In the past I have used golf tees to mark shell splashes in naval wargames, but these castle golf tees seemed to me to look more like shell splashes that traditional golf tees. Not only that, but being shorter and having a lower centre of gravity make them more stable.

It seems to me that circumstances have presented me with an opportunity to fulfil three of the possible projects I was thinking about yesterday, namely:
  • Build some more coastal defence guns
  • Build some coastal defence forts
  • Build some more ironclad/pre-dreadnought model warships
It seems to me that the thinking time is now over, and I need to start 'doing' ... once I have fought my next battle!


  1. Hi Bob,

    The final paragraph says it all and the last sentence of the same has struck a chord with my own situation!

    Has the D6 surfaced yet!?

    Al the best,


  2. David Crook,

    My mind is now made up ... for the time being!

    With luck you should be able to start catching up on the battles front now that you have finished your decorating.

    All the best,


    PS. I have managed to get the D6 back from under the bookcase!