Friday, 31 October 2008

Laurania - My next wargames project

Now that the Summer is well and truly over, I have begun to have a big sort out of various wargame ‘project’ ideas that have been around for a time but which have not come to fruition.

Part of this has taken the form of a sort out in my wargames room (or toy room as my wife likes to call it). During this I found all sorts of bits and bobs that I had forgotten that I had … well not quite so much forgotten as mislaid in the rather confused storage ‘system’ that I use.

Amongst these bits and bobs were some ships that I built some years ago for my 15mm Colonial wargames as well as some pre-painted ‘toy’ biplanes. I began thinking about how I could use them in a game … and then remembered my ideas for a campaign set in Laurania during the 1920s/1930s. Laurania is an imagi-nation created by none other than Sir Winston Churchill. It was the setting for SAVROLA - A TALE OF REVOLUTION IN LAURANIA, his only novel.

Having read the book many times I was able to deduce some facts about the country, and I used these to create a map and a background history up until just after World War I.

I have therefore decided to resurrect this project as a background for more play-tests of my RED FLAGS AND IRON CROSSES (TARRED AND FEATHERSTONED) rules. They will need to be slightly modified to suit the period, but there will not need to be any substantial re-writes before the play-tests begin ... just a few more bits and pieces to buy, build, and paint!

Long live Laurania!

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